July 12, 2011

Etsy Love: Anna Joyce

In my last "What I Wore Wednesday" post, I showed off my favorite hoodie from fellow Pacific NW Etsy shop, Anna Joyce.  Here's a little reminder:

I cannot explain to you enough how much I love this hoodie.  I may complain about the rainy weather in Seattle 350 days out of the year, but on the bright side; that's 350 opportunities to wear this hoodie.  I'm wearing it right now.  For reals.

There's something so special about the items in the Anna Joyce shop.  Sure, you can find all kinds of appliqued goodness on Etsy.com.  But Anna Joyce designs are original appliques made out of the most beautiful fabric combinations, and applied to quality pre-made apparel.  The applique is so professionally done, that all the stitching looks brand new, even though I've washed and dried my hoodie at least twice a week since April.  Definetly worth the money. 

I also own a wrap cardigan from Anna Joyce.  It was my first purchase from her, and I fell in love with it the first time I saw it listed in her shop.  I love it, because it is the perfect way to dress up a jeans and t-shirt outfit and still be as cozy as if I put on an old sweatshirt.  I love to wear it with a white tank, my favorite jeans and flats...or skinny jeans and boots.  Or...the list goes on.

{photo via Anna Joyce}

I am guaranteed to receive a compliment or two on my Anna Joyce purchases each time I wear them.  I always make sure to tell people where I purchased the hoodie and wrap, because spreading the Etsy word is how I show my appreciation for an excellent product! 

The customer service I received from Anna Joyce was an A+.  It was a Monday when I contacted her saying I was interested in purchasing, but wanted to know if it was possible to put a "rush" on it, since I had an event I wanted to wear it to that weekend.  She happily agreed.  She made it, shipped it, and it was in my hands by that Wednesday!

The next Anna Joyce item on my wishlist is this hoodie:

{photo via Anna Joyce}

It's girly, but still casual and easy to wear.  I also like the "retro" feel of the design and the colors.  One can never have too much Anna Joyce, I'm convinced.  And right now there's a big SALE in her Etsy shop!  I'm going to head over there and purchase this hoodie now. 

I'll race ya!


  1. cutest sweaters ever! holy cow!
    so i could put mason in one of your skirts right? it wouldn't be too weird? maybe for a minute?
    Man i wish i had a little girl right now!! (but only for a minute)

  2. Love it! I actually want the same hoodie you do ;)

    Thanks for sharing this link and I actually found your site via "All Things Lovely" where you mentioned a baby paper bag skirt :) I came here so I could check out your Etsy shop!

    So nice to meet you <3

    --Sara Sophia

  3. ooooh my gosh, i am soooo buying something from this shop!!!

  4. Cami, I'd say "Go for it!" but for some reason the Daddies never agree with skirts on sons. =/

    So nice to meet you, Sarah Sophia! I love "All things Lovely". I'm sure I'll be seein' ya around there!

    Amy, DO IT!!!