July 6, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday #2

I had a lot of fun getting dressed every day the past week!  Participating in What I Wore Wednesdays and Steppin' Out Saturdays is exactly the motivation I needed to peel off my pjs (even if it was noon).  Typically, I just rotate the same three or four outfits throughout the week.  So even though it was easy this week to come up with a different outfit each day, I'm sure it will get more challenging as the weeks go on.  I might even have to (Gasp!) go shopping for myself...unheard of since probably the day I found out I was pregnant with my first child. 

For real.

Thursday was the last day of June.  It was errand-running day.  In the Seattle area, "summer" doesn't usually show itself until after the fourth of July.  This was true again this year.  I wore jeans and a hoodie.  If it weren't for the beautiful scenery and either the ocean or the mountains just a quick drive away, I'd pack up the fam and move somewhere WARM!  Although I am always taking suggestions...

Hoodie~ Etsy shop, Anna Joyce Design (this hoodie is not the only thing I own from Anna Joyce, and I'll definetly be dedicating an entire Etsy Love post to her shop in the very near future.)  I wear this hoodie almost daily.  I love it.
Jeans~ Joe's Jeans, Nordstrom
Flip Flops~ Old Navy
Sunglasses~ Target

tank~ Old Navy
cropped skinny jeans~ $8 at Old Navy
sandals~ $7 at H&M
flower brooch/hair clip~ Unique Creations by Jacqueline (I met Jacqueline while we were both vendors at a local craft show, and again at MOPS.  We're now in a monthly bunco group together!  She's just as lovely a person as her accessories.)

We spent Saturday day camping and visiting local fruit stands with friends in Yakima.  I didn't wear anything even remotely worth mentioning.  But my oldest li'l man did:

undershirt~ Target
t-shirt~ H&M
jeans~ Old Navy (buy-two-get-one-free sale!)

We spent the rest of the three day weekend at my grandparents' house on the beach at Anderson Island.  Much of the day was spent on a boat covered in seaweed and saltwater, and wearing life vests.  But this was my favorite picture of the weekend:

Tuesday was a day for comfy clothes and doctor appointments.  I'm also still getting used to this long hair thing.  It hasn't been this long since highschool.  Just like I'm taking suggestions for warm places to relocate; I'm also taking suggestions for ways to style my hair!  I worked in a hair salon for almost ten years...and you'd never know it from the way my hair looks lately!

tank~ embellished by me (post coming soon!)
belt~ wet seal
cropped jeans~ Joe's Jeans, Nordstrom
flip flops~ Old Navy

That's it for this week!  Linking up to:

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  1. yes! Please share your Etsy finds. Love finding new Etsy shops to frequent!

  2. Super cute Etsy find... and your boy is too stinkin' cute! :)

  3. Thank you! I'm so happy there's more interest in the Etsy shops I love. I have LOTS more to share! =)

  4. You look cute and I love your hair! Your little boy is adorable.

    I live in western WA as well and you are sooo right about the weather. Summer doesn't start till after the Fourth, lol! However, yesterday was awesome and so is today (of course, clouds tomorrow....sigh...)

    Love your mentioning Yakima because I have family there and I grew up in eastern WA before we moved over here to the west side.

  5. Thank you, momstheword! Our favorite fruit stand is between Naches & Yakima. It's called the little red schoolhouse, I think. The people that run it are so sweet!

    Have you heard about the PNW bloggers meetup sponsored by www.harpershappenings.com? I'm thinking about going. Should be fun!

  6. you look great! :) i love the first outfit. im a sucker for hoodies

    the style projects