Crib Bedding Info

Thank you for your interest in my handmade crib bedding! I take pride in my work and genuinely enjoy providing my clients with customer service and an end product that exceeds their expectations.

Five-piece crib bedding sets include; bumper, crib skirt, fitted sheet, blanket, and decorative pillow. These pieces are available as a set for $175 plus shipping when you provide the fabric. Details of each piece are listed below. I suggest choosing a quality 100% cotton fabric for your crib bedding. I am more than happy to assist with fabric choices or at least point you in a good direction.

  • Crib Bumper     My crib bumpers fit standard-sized cribs and measure 10” tall and 1” thick. Bumpers require four yards of fabric. I use bumper pads that are meant specifically for baby bedding and meet all safety requirements. You have the option of a bumper made of one fabric, or the option of using one fabric on the outside and a coordinating fabric on the inside. You may choose to have thin or thick fabric ties or ribbon ties. If you choose ribbon ties, you must provide 8 yards of ribbon. I suggest wide satin or grosgrain ribbon. I heat-seal each ribbon end to prevent fraying. Although popularity is growing, I unfortunately will not make crib bumpers out of minky fabric. Minky doesn’t have much structure to it, and will sag over time. I am able to iron and sew interfacing to the back of cotton fabric to provide a bit more sturdiness and prevent sagging, but am not able to iron the interfacing onto minky. I will provide the bumper pads, interfacing and coordinating thread necessary to complete the bumper. Inside seams are serged for quality. Bumpers are available a la carte for $70 plus shipping.

  • Crib Skirt     The crib skirt included in the set fits standard-sized cribs and are 15” long from “deck” to hem. Crib skirts require 3 yards of fabric. The head and foot ends of the skirt are flat. Both long sides of the skirt have a mock pleat in the center. You have the option to use a coordinating fabric on the mock pleat piece if you wish. You may also choose against the pleat and have flat sides to match the flat ends. Please note, if you choose to have flat sides there will be a seam up the middle. I will provide the muslin fabric for the “deck” of the skirt, as well as coordinating thread. Seams are serged for quality. Crib skirts are available a la carte for $30 plus shipping.

  • Fitted Crib Sheet     I offer standard-sized fitted crib sheets. You may choose either quality quilting cotton or minky for your sheet. The yardage for sheets depends on the width of the fabric you choose so please contact me for an exact amount. I will provide the elastic and coordinating thread. Seams are serged for quality. Fitted crib sheets are available a la carte for $20 plus shipping.

  • Blanket     Nursery blankets are crib-sized and measure 36” wide by 50” long. These blankets require 4 yards of fabric. You choose which cotton fabrics will be used on the front, back, and border of the blanket. You may choose to use minky fabric on the backside of the blanket if you wish. Blankets are hand-tied with coordinating embroidery floss for looks as well as durability. I will provide the batting for inside the blanket, as well as the coordinating thread and embroidery floss. The batting I use meets all safety requirements for baby bedding. Inside seams are serged for quality. The border is hand-sewn onto the blanket. Nursery blankets are available a la carte for $60 plus shipping.

  • Decorative Pillow     The pillows I offer are for use OUTSIDE OF THE CRIB ONLY for safety reasons. The pillowcase is 12” by 16” and comes with a pillow form of the same size. Coordinating thread will also be provided. The pillowcase has an envelope closure in the back, which makes it easy to remove and replace the pillow form when washing the pillowcase. You may choose to use minky fabric for the front of the pillow if you wish. Inside seams are serged for quality. Decorative pillows are available a la carte for $15 plus shipping.

{ Extras }

Custom details to make the bedding of your dreams and extra pieces to complete your nursery are also available. Below is a list of possible extras, but it is by no means a complete list. Please contact me if you have something in mind that is not listed.

  • Panel Curtains     I offer unlined cotton panel curtains to complete your nursery décor. I will provide the coordinating thread. When you provide the fabric, prices start at $30 for a set of two panels, plus shipping.

  • Window Valance     Gathered or flat cotton window valances are available starting at $15 per valance plus shipping when you provide the fabric. I will provide the coordinating thread.

  • Contoured Changing Pad Cover     Fitted changing pad covers are available in cotton and minky fabrics. I will provide the elastic and coordinating thread. Fitted contoured changing pad covers are $20 each, plus shipping when you provide the fabric.

  • Pennant Banners     A very trendy banner made by sewing 4” wide by 6” long cotton pennant flags to a long strip of fabric bias tape can be made to match your nursery décor. I will provide the bias tape, coordinating thread and interfacing to keep the flags stiff. Many times, there is enough fabric left over from your other pieces to create a pennant banner without purchasing extra fabric! Contact me for a quote based on number of flags used and length of bias tape needed.

{ Payment & Shipping Information }

Payment is typically due in full before I begin work on your bedding set.

Once I’ve received your payment and your fabric, you can expect your bedding set to ship within 4-6 weeks, although usually much sooner depending on order volume. The 4-6 week timeline will not begin until both your payment has been made and your fabric has reached me.

When purchasing crib bedding from my Etsy shop, please be sure the address Etsy has on file for you is correct, as well as the address associated with your Paypal account. I will always double check to be sure they match, and will also verify your address with you via e-mail or Etsy conversation. Your crib bedding is much too important of a package to have address confusion, and will not be shipped without address verification in the form of e-mail or Etsy conversation. Crib bedding sets typically ship via UPS or FedEx and will include tracking information.

If there is a significant difference between what you paid for shipping and what it actually costs to ship, I will refund the difference via Paypal.


{ Frequently Asked Questions }

“What are the care instructions for the crib bedding?”
I recommend you remove the pillow form from the pillowcase before washing. It is okay to machine dry the bumper and nursery blanket on low on occasion, but I recommend laying them flat to dry whenever possible. Do not iron minky fabric. Besides what I’ve mentioned above, you generally may wash your bedding in warm water with a normal cycle, dry on low heat, and iron when necessary.

“Do I need to worry about the fabric shrinking when I wash it?”
No. I pre-wash and dry all fabrics when they arrive to ensure minimal shrinking in the future. I do not use detergent when I pre-wash fabrics, so you can choose what detergent is used to wash your bedding.

“Where are some good places to look for fabric? I am overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.”
The first thing I’ll want to know is if you know the sex of the baby, and if you have any colors or themes in mind. If you do, I like to search Etsy fabric shops first. Set the search box on Etsy to “Supplies” or “All Items” then type in “blue fabric by the yard” or “blue cotton fabric” and you’ll get plenty of results to browse through.   You might know you want the baby’s room to be modern and bright without being babyish, for example. I’ll send you fabric swatches via e-mail or Etsy conversation as well as names of my favorite fabric designers that offer what you’re looking for. So far, I have a 100% success rate in helping clients find fabric combinations they love.

“Is it possible to add piping to the bumper and/or pillow?”
At this point, no, I’m not offering piping on crib bedding. It requires a special presser foot for the sewing machine that I do not have. It may be something I offer in the future for an additional fee.

“What do you do with the fabric scraps?”
I collect all the significantly sized pieces throughout the process and send them to you along with your finished bedding set. If there are pieces large enough, I’ll offer to make an extra pillowcase, etc. out of them for a small extra charge. Or you can opt to make something out of them yourself! Some clients choose to order extra fabric yardage incase they might decide to have me sew something out of it later. I’d be happy to, although I will charge a bit more for shipping since the extra weight will add to the cost of shipping.

“Can you make bedding to fit portable cribs?”
Right now, the only measurement I have for portable crib bedding is for the skirt. I am searching for a source for portable crib bedding measurements though, and will hopefully be able to offer a full portable crib bedding set in the near future.

“Do you do embroidery?”
Unfortunately, no. It is possible for you to have a baby’s name, for example, embroidered onto your bedding fabric. If I give you the measurement of the piece you want embroidered, you can cut out the fabric piece and have it embroidered locally, then mail the embroidered piece to me with the rest of your fabric.

“Do you have more pictures of your past work?”
Yes! I’d be happy to send pictures to your e-mail address.

“Can you make a matching Boppy cover?”
The short answer is “yes”. The long answer is; you will be able to find a Boppy pillow cover in a store for much, much less than it will cost for me to make one. If you absolutely must have a Boppy cover to match your nursery fabric, I charge $45, and will be happy to make one for you.