July 20, 2011

Wishlist, part one

I don't know about you, but I can spend hours browsing Etsy.com and saving items and shops to my favorites.  I've even been known to pull all-nighter Etsy shopping sprees when I should be a) working on orders from my own shop or b) sleeping.  I want to share some of my favorite finds with you, and this post is dedicated to some of my favorite fashion finds, not including accessories-- that'll be a whole 'nother Wishlist post for a different day.

For now, here are some of my current Etsy fashion faves in no particular order:

Custom ruffled collar dress by ananya $50 }
This dress comes in just about every color you can think of.  I love the color with the polka dots.  I think it'd be super cute belted with boots and a cute cardi.
{ Triangle sleeveless cardigan by Jessalin Beutler $55 }
I love supporting Etsy shops, especially the ones that are local to me!  This beauty is from a  fellow Seattlite.  Although this yellow color isn't listed in the shop right now, the link will take you to a pretty Jade color that I love equally as much.
{ Blue snakeprint tunic by Replicca  $45 }
Why have I not purchased this yet?!  I wrote all about how much I love this shop here.

{ Ruffle front jacket by cotylee }
This shop is currently set to vacation mode, but I'll be waiting semi-patiently for them to re-open.  This is going to be my next fall/winter jacket.  
{ Natural soft green tunic with leaf applique by Minx Shop $70 }
This item was one of the first things I "favorited" when I joined Etsy.com.  I'm so happy this style is still offered in the shop.  There's something just so pretty about it.  There is so much I want from this shop, but this has been my favorite the longest.  Also check out the entomologist field dress and the dire situations skirt.  LOVE.
{ Steel Gray Ruffle Skirt by thread bare apparel $48 }
Gorgeous.  I'm really into above-the-knee-but-not-too-short skirts lately.  Maybe it's because after having two kids, my  nice legs are all I've got going for me?  Ha!
{ Bow dress by Three Little Ducks $95 }
I'm not quite sure how I'd wear this yet, but I need it. 

{ The Grey Dress by miablaz  $78 }
I have a thing for shirt dresses.  And I have a thing for all things grey.   I love the clean lines in this dress, and it would be so fun to accessorize!
{ Romantic Wrap Top by Lirola $85 }
This top comes in lots of pretty colors.  I want one of each.

{ Caramel Shimmer Feather tee by sealmaiden $28 }
This crew neck tee is silkscreened by hand.  I'd pair it with my fave pair of jeans.  It comes in other colors, too!

{ Heartland cargo wrap skirt by Simone's Rose $89 }
I love this.  I want this.  The end.
{ The Claudine embellished blouse by la marquise desagnes $65}
I really need to write an entire wishlist post on all the things I want from this shop.  Love. Them. All. 

{ The hooded Missy by Little Houses $95 }
The unique hoodies and jackets in this shop are right up my alley.  I love me a hoodie with character.

{ Blue Grey Poppy Bloc Top by thimble and acorn $38 }
I've had my eye on an "oscillate" shirt by thimble and acorn for a long time.  Then I came across this bloc top, and now I can't decide which one I like best.  What do you think?
{ Vault Jumper by Heir Apparel $110 }
For a more happy, girly look than the picture suggests, I'd like to pair this grey jumper with a short-sleeved blousy top in a fun color and nude heels.
If you've enjoyed my Etsy picks this time, please let me know!  And if you have an Etsy account, I'd love for you to leave a link to your faves in the comment section below, as well!


  1. how do you find all these cute things?? i WANT that yellow dress like bad.

  2. I spend hours browsing etsy when I should be sewing...or paying attention to my kids. Ha!