July 22, 2011

Ten Year Reunion Fashion

One of my favorite bloggers, miss Cami from All Things Lovely, does a regular Fashion Friday post where she puts together looks she finds online to create a really great outfit.  She then shares where she found each item so her readers are able to replicate the look if they wish.

My ten year highschool reunion is just weeks away, and I have no idea what to wear!  I really love Cami's style, although I have a hard time making things look right when I do it myself.  So I put in a special request; to Cami to possibly do a Fashion Friday post based on a possible reunion dress I found online:  

Guess what?  She totally did it!  She styled the dress in three different ways, and I LOVE them all. 

Thanks, Cami!  You're the best.

This week's Fashion Friday post is up at All Things Lovely!  Check out the three looks Cami put together using the above dress!  I think I'm gonna go with look #2!


  1. I actually tried this dress on at kohls and it was super adorable and the shoes (also at kohls) were sooo cute and pretty comfy...just a tad though over my priced range for what I went to buy that day :) You will love AMAZING at the 10 year....have fun!

  2. I'm glad to hear a positive review from someone who has actually tried it on! I ordered it and it's on the way. (Plus, I bought it on E-bay for super cheap! Score!)