July 5, 2011

Please dont judge...

...my extremely ugly loveseat.

After I tossed the matching full size sofa (eek!) and hand-me-down coffee & end table set to the curb we needed more seating.  So  please don't judge the ultra-cheap wicker table and chair from Pier 1 I spray painted grey and moved from our back porch into the living room, either.

The thing is, I've been hanging onto the loveseat because it is in perfect structural shape.  And if I close my eyes and try really hard, I can imagine it re-upholstered and slip-covered in white.  It will be the Pottery Barn knock off of a lifetime.  And I'm gonna make it happen.  Just me, my trusty sewing machine and a staple gun.

I'm purposely taking on a lot less work in the Etsy shop this summer specifically so I'll have the time to tackle this project.  I'm doing it.  Consider this the official "Before" post. 

It's written on the blog, which means I have to do it now. 

I plan on replacing the harsh black pillows with something a little more visually pleasing.  I'm thinking chevron print pillow covers in grey and white.  Oooh, or chartreuse and white.  Or both.  New lamps are def in the works.  And I'll need a large area rug.  I'd love to tear out the carpet and put in luscious wood floors, but the joys of renting really puts a damper on things.

I made the silhouettes of my boys out of scrapbook paper and cardstock, then framed them with super affordable white frames from WalMart.  I made the curtain panels out of clearance tablecloths I found at Target.  The black & white mirror was an $8 steal from Marshalls.

As scary as it is to share my cringe-worthy 80's loveseat with everyone, I'm hoping to add to my sewing repertoire by mastering the skills of reupholstering and slipcovering.  I think it'll be fun to share the ups & downs along the way, and especially the end result!

Wish.  Me.  Luck.

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