June 29, 2011

Something for Dad

This post is a little late for Fathers Day this year, but excellent timing for us.  The man-of-the-house's birthday is Monday (yes, the fourth of July!) and I came across this perfect little DIY printable from Daffodil Design

{photo courtesy of Daffodil Design}

It's a questionnaire about Dad, and your child fills in the blanks.  It reminded me of Mad Libs...ahhhh, nostalgia!  It's free to download.  All you have to do is print...and laugh.  Because kids really do say the darndest things, don't they?  This is how ours turned out:

For some reason, my scanner didn't pick up on the mustache detail at the top and bottom of the printable, but I don't care.  I'm still giggling hysterically about that last one and wondering, "Where in the heck did that come from?!"  It's all framed and wrapped now, ready to give to Daddy on his birthday.  I have a feeling he's gonna love it!

Also, for the record; Daddy's hair is black. 

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