December 11, 2010

The Ultimate Cozy Cardigan

The Ultimate Cozy Cardigan.  I couldn't describe it better if I tried.
Available now for custom order!

I just love showing off my latest items via these new pictures from Andrea Turner Photography.

First of all, she has the most adorable little model on hand. 
I'm lacking in the little girl department around here.

Second of all, is that not the cutest, most stylish background you've ever seen? 
If I have my facts straight, she made it herself!

In these pictures, little model "A" is showing off the Ultimate Cozy Cardigan. 
It is made with thick, luxurious sweatshirt fleece.  Or a lightweight knit if you ask nicely.
For girls, it features slight bell sleeves and a tunic-length fit.  (As shown.)
For boys, the cardigan is made with straight sleeves and a more traditional sweatshirt length.

The Ultimate Cozy Cardigan is available in sizes 12m, 2T, 3T, and 4/5T. 
I'm always working on enlarging my patterns.
{My goal is to enlargen this one until it'll fit me!}

Find the Ultimate Cozy Cardigan in my Etsy shop!
Don't forget, I specialize in custom orders!

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