December 2, 2010

Etsy Love: Paintbox Soapworks

Since my very first Paintbox Soapworks purchase, my showering experience has become fun.  I'll even go as far as to say thrilling and delightful.  As a mother of two young boys, I don't have a lot of time to pamper myself like I used to.  My daily shower is now my time.  Why not enjoy it to the fullest?

My first Paintbox Soapworks purchase consisted of a "The Paintbox Luxury Glycerin Soap Sample Collection" as seen in the above picture, and a large bar of Luxury Glycerin Soap in the "Hoarfrost" scent.

And so the love story begins...

I love myself a good bar of soap.  I've never been a fan of body washes.  They always seem to leave a residue.  I like the squeaky-clean feeling a bar of soap leaves, but it must have the perfect balance of "clean" and "non-drying".  That's hard to find.  The Hoarfrost soap had both peppermint and eucalyptus in the ingredients.  Both do wonders for headaches, which is right up my alley.  Normally, I shower in the morning, then feel the need to rinse off at night.  After using this soap in the morning, I still felt fresh at bedtime.  Does this sound like a commercial?  Beyond happy with my Hoarfrost purchase, I couldn't wait to dive into the sample collection that had been calling my name...

Gingermilk?  Warm and comforting.
Pants Relief Elixir?  Stress-Reducing.  Happy.
Walk in the Woods?  Delightfully manly, and pretty at the same time.
Miss Ada?  Ultimately Feminine.
Lavender Truffle?  Don't even get me started.  It was like bathing in deliciousness.

My descriptions of Paintbox Soapworks' products have nothing on the descriptions she uses in her listings.  Really.  Check them out.  Strange as it sounds, I get excited for her to come out with new scents just so I can experience reading the descriptions.

My next purchase consisted of an unscented bar called "the Nihilist", which was a request from the man of the house.  Although he's become as much of a fan of the scents as I have, he likes an unscented option from time to time, and this fits the bill to perfection.  Also, I ordered another sample collection, all scents I had not yet tried...all of which I'm still lusting over...and a Sorbetto in "Resolution". 

We've all tried sugar scrubs, exfoliating scrubs, and whatever else our aunts gave us for Christmas and are still sitting, unused, on the bathroom shelf.  This Sorbetto, I promise you, will rock your socks.  You can take the lid off and hold the jar upside down and it will not drip.  It is firm, but pliable.  It is completely ungreasy and -get this- it gets slightly sudsy when applied to wet skin!  The Sorbetto is worth every penny and more. 

Since my last Paintbox Soapworks purchase, new scents have been released for the holidays.  I'm headed to the Etsy shop right now to get my hands on them.  The sample collections will make excellent stocking stuffers, and I'm getting dangerously close to being out of Sorbetto...

**Update:  I purchased the "White Snow, Bright Snow" special edition Sorbetto since first posting.  I may or may not be squealing in delight and anticipation.**

I rate this shop a ten out of ten. 
The product quality is beyond-belief awesome.  A serious must-try.
The seller is very friendly and accommodating.  I picture her house guests wanting to stay an extra day.
The packaging was a nice surprise, very professional and giftable.
Fastest shipping I've experienced on Etsy so far.
The value is excellent.  I'd pay double.

Be sure to check out Paintbox Soapworks' Etsy shop at
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  1. I have the extreme good fortune of knowing this seller in real life. She is as sweet and wonderful as you would expect.

    I am a really big fan of the Sorbetto's. Because of a coconut allergy, I can't use her soaps, but I have found that the scent translates really well to the sugar scrubs. I can't tell you how many scrubs are currently sitting in my linen closet unused because I have found Paintbox Soapworks.

    My husband used to hate showering after me because my old scrubs would leave the shower so slick with greasy residue. The Sorbetto has no residue, leaves me feeling clean and my skin extra soft. I'm a flip flop person, so my feet really suffer in the summer time. I used Sweet 100s Sorbetto to keep my feet looking great this year.

    I, too, just picked up the White Snow, Bright Snow Sorbetto (at the open house!). Its a wonderful scent that evokes Christmas with my late grandmother. It makes me smile every time I catch a wiff of it.

    I keep a keen eye on the twitter and facebook pages for new scents and my family loves being guinea pigs for fun new products. :)

  2. Thank you for the comment. Everything you've added about the Sorbetto is so true! I love it on my feet as well.

  3. your review has me enticed! On my way to check out her shop....