December 12, 2010

Etsy Love: Napa Valley Chocolates

Years ago, the man of my house came to me out-of-the-blue and said he wanted to try chocolate truffles made with exotic spices he had heard about.  Although it intrigued me, I'd never heard of such a thing!  I asked around, and looked online.  I even searched the specialty candy shoppe in Pike Place Market.  No luck.  I had hoped, at the time, that this would be one of those things that he would just forget about and move on with life...

He didn't forget.

I searched for these special truffles on and off for years.  Just when I was beginning to believe these truffles were a myth, I came across Napa Valley Chocolates, a new Etsy shop!  There it was, a listing for a twelve piece exotic truffle collection.  Sure enough, the collection consisted of two of each flavor:

Star Anise
Chipotle Chili Pepper
Smoked Paprika
Garam Marsala

If these chocolates weren't exotic, I didn't know what was!  Quickly, I ordered the collection and they arrived within a short few days in a neatly packaged, gift-able box. 

Inside, the box contained a piece of paper listing which type of truffle was where.  This was a nice addition and was part of the fun for us.

The man of the house and I sat down after dinner and cut one truffle of each flavor in half to share. 
{We wanted to save the other six truffles for later and I'm so glad we did!}
Tasting these truffles was more than just eating a box of chocolates.  It was an experience.

Each flavor was so unique.  Each truffle so fresh. 

My favorite was the Garam Marsala.  The spice is used generously in my favorite Seattle Moroccan restaurant, and if it wasn't for the delightful dishes there, I don't think I would ever have tried it.  Now I use it in lentil soup at home.  It is really, really tasty.  And excitingly different!

We were both delighted with this purchase.  The truffles were unusual, just as promised.  It was fun to try each flavor, one by one.  I recommend trying this collection to anyone out there seeking a bit of adventure!  This was especially a thrilling experience for us as a couple, who were looking for something new and out of the ordinary to try together.  So, order yourself an exotic truffle collection to share, skip the movie theater date night and stay in.  You'll have something exciting to talk about for sure!

The truffle collections from Napa Valley Chocolates would make excellent gifts, stocking stuffers, or a new twist on the old Valentine's Day box of chocolates tradition.  Right now in the Etsy shop, Napa Valley Chocolates has availalbe a whole line of delicious goodies for the upcoming holidays, and even promises delivery in time for Chrismas if ordered by December 20th.  The Candy Cane truffles and the Chocolate dipped pretzels are on my wish list. 

I rate this shop 10/10!
Excellent customer service.  The seller was friendly and professional.
Fast shipping.  I was leary about ordering food products online, and now have no worries.
Freshness.  The truffles tasted as if they were made the day they were delivered.
Packaging.  Cute, fancy and gift-able.
Value.  Worth ever penny.  More than just chocolate!

Check out Napa Valley Chocolates and tell them LilyBaby sent you!

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