December 13, 2010

More Changes for LilyBaby

It's time.

In addition to the Etsy shop transition into being exclusively for custom orders, I'm getting rid of my beloved spiral silver hand-me-down clothes rack that I use for display at craft shows.  Why, you ask?  Because I'm officially tenatively retiring from the craft show bazaar scene!  Times are changin'.

Although I love getting out for the weekend, meeting new and exciting crafty people, and getting to know my customer base face-to-face, LilyBaby's online sales are sky rocketing!  Enough so that I'm contemplating hiring an intern to help out with packaging and shipping items.  Whew!  Who knew?!  Not me, that's for sure.  Not this soon, anyways. 

Over the last year, I've participated in some shows with a direct cause, such as the fundraiser for a local photographer whose studio was broken into.  I still plan on helping out where I can, but no more $80 table fees at the senior center holiday craft festival for this girl, if you get my drift! 

I owe much of LilyBaby's recent success to the Facebook fans.  Thank you, thank you for spreading the word to your friends and families.  The support I've received from the Facebook fans has truly made this first year of business a joy.  It makes my day to see a "Like" on my posts and pictures. 

Another group of awesome people I owe the success to are the bloggers.  You guys.  Seriously.  I never expected the kind words you write when you review my products.  You can read a couple of the LilyBaby blog reviews herehere, and here.

So thank you, again, to every person who has supported Lily Baby the last ten months and to everyone I've met along the way for your kind words, encouragement and inspiration.  (And if you know someone in my area who would be interested in learning about the handmade marketplace as an intern, send them my way!)

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