December 13, 2010

Etsy Treasuries featuring LilyBaby is a wonderful online marketplace full of everything handmade or vintage.  Each artist or vendor has their own shop where they sell everything you can think of from toys, crafting supplies, jewelry, clothing, furniture, pottery, the list goes on and on.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Etsy, take a look around, it's free to do so.  You're sure to find something that absolutely thrills you.  I promise.  Since you're dealing directly with the artist on Etsy, you can have just about anything custom made, which is one of my favorite things about shopping and doing business there.

One neat {yes, I'm bringing back the word "neat"} feature of Etsy are the Treasuries.  Treasuries are a great way to promote the shops of fellow Etsians.  Every time you arrive at the front page of, you're viewing a single treasury that was chosen out of thousands by Etsy administrators.  Each treasury is a handpicked collection of 16 items currently for sale on the site, curated by members.  For example, if I'm feeling chilly in this December Seattle weather, I might be inspired to create a treasury of all sorts of items that remind me of warmth, like knit scarves, or a vintage tea cup.  Or if I come across a shop I admire, I might create my entire treasury around one item in that shop.  I think it's a bit of a goal of members' to have a treasury they create make it to the front page.  Or better yet, if an item of theirs makes it to the front page!  Either way, it brings traffic to the shop and is an opportunity to be seen by someone who may not have found your shop otherwise.

Lately, LilyBaby items have been featured in treasuries left and right!  It's quite an honor to be recognized by fellow Etsy members this way because they hand picked my item to include in their treasury.  You can view treasuries featuring the LilyBaby "Avery Hoodie" below:

Can you find the Avery hoodie in each of the four treasuries above? 

I love making treasuries.  I like to make them so they're beautiful to look at.  In the future, I'll post treasuries I've curated and more treasuries LilyBaby has been featured in.  Hopefully this will inspire you to check them out if you haven't yet, and maybe even create one of your own!

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