November 30, 2010

The All New Ella Pinafore

When this little beauty was hot off the sewing machine, I couldn't be more proud!  It was the cutest little one piece dress with a scalloped edge and I loved it.  It's times like these that make me wonder why I have two precious boys but no girl in sight!  Then, I sent the little beauty over to Andrea at Andrea Turner Photography so she could snap a couple of shots of her adorable daughter, "A" in the dress.  And now
I'm.  In.  Love. 
The Ella Pinafore is available in tops and dresses in sizes 12m thru childrens 7/8.  It is fully customizable, you choose the size and colors!  Then have her wear it alone or with an undershirt, leggings and boots! 
So versatile!  Sometimes I think sewing dresses is a great way to get my "girl fix" in a housefull of boys...then I see this picture:
...and I think I need one of my own!  Too cute.

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