September 10, 2011

Fave Finds Friday #5

"Me Time"

Although it is Saturday { nearly Sunday } I couldn't let the week go by without a Fave Finds Friday post.  I am in need of some serious Me time right now.  I probably admire single parents more than anyone in the world lately...between the middle of July and the middle of November each year I am a single parent, for the most part.  The man of the house is an outdoorsman to-the-extreme and spends every waking second he's not at work in the woods.  He even recently declared to love fishing, hunting and gathering as much as his own children.  "As much as"?  Really?!  This leaves me to fend for myself in the house with two cuh-razy young boys many months out of the year...

...Which brings me to today's Finds.  I'm craving Me time in a bad way.  And I think this li'l find will leave you searching for some Me time of your own.  Check out this beauty from Etsy shop Peg and Awl:

{ photo via }
 This simple but gorgeous tub caddy made out of reclaimed wood is just so perfect for relaxing after a rough day, journalling, soaking by candlelight, or whatever it is you do when you have Me time.  Do you like how I just assume you spend your Me time in the bathtub?  Just go with it.

Check out Peg and Awl for lots more beautifully handcrafted and elegant pieces for the home.


  1. I NEED ONE OF THOSE!!! So many times I want to read or whatever in the privacy of a LOCKED bathroom!!

  2. Isn't it wonderful?! The listing in their shop even shows someone using it while sitting in their empty bathtub. I can picture myself doing that...paying bills and whatnot. =)