September 1, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day Sixteen

I am participating in the 21 Day Challenge hosted by Kayla at Freckles in April.  To learn more about the challenge, or even join in on the fun, click on the orange 21 Day Challenge button on the sidebar.

I stressed out about { and probably lost sleep over } today's prompt, "Menswear" for days.  I imagined the other Challenge participants were likely raiding their husbands' closets for a necktie to wear as a belt, a neat vest, or a really great pair of suspenders.  I haven't officially introduced him yet on this blog { I will soon, and it'll be like a culture shock for many of my readers! } but the man-of-this-house is a different breed... he doesn't own a necktie, a dressy menswear type of vest, or a blazer of any type.  And although it is now on my list-of-things-to-buy, I don't own a blazer either.  I really didn't want to sit this one out, though.

So I waited until today { a day late } to take a peek at what the other participants came up with to see if they thought of anything I may have overlooked, and hopefully steal some inspiration from them.  Cheating?  I hope not!

Inspiration is what I searched out, and inspiration is what I found!  These ladies are genius.    Why did I not think a men's button up shirt would be considered menswear all these nights I lost sleep over today's prompt?!  

So easy.

The man-of-the-house may not own much more than jeans and t-shirts other than an occasional pair of forgotten slacks, but he does own button up shirts.  Hooray!

{ sweater-F21.  button-up shirt- man-of-the-house's closet.  jeans-nordstrom.  flats-h&m }
I loved this outfit!  Today was a sort of chilly August day, even for the Pacific Northwest, so wearing a sweater and jeans was no big deal.  Normally I'm one of the many Seattlites who complain about rainy summers, but this year I'm like, "Bring on the Fall!" especially now that I'm seeing all the awesome autumn outfits popping up all over Pinterest.  

But that's a whole 'nother story.

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  1. You know what? I think that shirt looks better on you than it could possibly look on your guy! Sooooo stinkin' cute! The sweater looks wonderful layered over the top with your jeans and flats. I bet you *did* love this! I sure do. :-)