August 9, 2011


{ photo by Stacy Jacobsen Photography }

The first time I laid eyes on this boy I feel in deep love.  The kind of love that only a mom knows.  Ever since that day, Mason or "Nunny"  (he's gonna kill me for that when he's older) has been the light of my life.  He has always made me proud.  He is polite and generous and friendly.  He receives compliments everywhere he goes about his sweet nature and kind spirit.  
He is a GOOD boy.

He is also four.

Four years old is an all-new territory for me.  I love that he and I are able to share real conversations.  He can put on his own shoes.  I love that he's smart and so willing to learn.  He likes to help out by making his own sandwiches.  His behavior is the envy of the other parents at playdates.  I love that if he had a choice to do anything he wanted, he'd probably still choose to cuddle with me or his dad while we read him a book.  Usually, lots of praise is all it takes to keep him on the straight and narrow.

It dawned on me today that in exactly one year we'll be buying his kindegarten school supplies and seeing him off at the bus stop for the first time.  People always say to cherish the time you have with your children because the time goes by so quickly.  It really does.  And this realization is what's behind this sappy post today.  

Every day he takes my breath away with a new phrase, dance move, or when I notice his latest growth spurt. He made his mark on my heart four years ago as a teeny perfect little mini man and I love him more each day.


  1. holy crap he is way too grown up! such a good looking little man :)

  2. He is SO handsome!!!!! I totally want to sent him up with my niece now. ;)