July 27, 2011

Whaddya think, TIME grows on TREES?!

Today I worked on three different crib bedding sets and a custom-order Claire dress.  This translates into: I completely ignored my children and all housework for the entire day.  When it was time for a break this afternoon, I sat down in search of some new sewing patterns so I can stock the shop with a few fresh and exciting items.

A "few" turned into six.  Oy.  When in the world will I find time to make all of them, let alone one?!

I like to share my pattern sources with my readers who sew.  It makes me happy to let them in on where you can find the patterns I use to create my dresses, etc.  On my to-do list, marked "URGENT", is learning how to draft my own patterns.  There are so many ideas in my head just dying to get out!  I need to make that happen.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of the patterns I purchased today:

{ bolero jacket by dream spun kids & ruffle front cardigan by too sweets }

{ amelia top, acadia tee & somerset hoodie all by mama stellato }

{ summertime romper by sew sweet patterns }

Aren't they all adorable?!  I can't wait to find the time to make them all.  I took a poll on the LilyBaby facebook page today to see which style of the six the fans want to see in the shop first?  They overwhelmingly voted for the summertime romper.

Which style do you vote for?


  1. the ruffeld sweater and that romper are so DARLING....good thing I don't have a girl..I would be broke!
    So happy you have been so busy...but feel for you too!:)

    p.s. sorry I'm the worst friend ever and posted your name as Julie! haha...I seriously have half a brain lately...I don't know what it is. Lack of sleep and too much sun I guess!

  2. Wouldn't those two be so cute paired together?! I know what you mean...if I had a girl I'd be broke too, and have no Etsy shop because I would spend every day making things for her.

    And, don't you even worry about mixing up names. It's "mom brain" and it happens! =)