July 27, 2011

No Teddy Bears or Choo Choos Allowed

As you may know, I'm the only female in a house full of men.  I don't have a mini-me to parade around in dresses, skirts, sparkles and curls, so my time is {wisely?} spent dictating what my boys will be wearing from day to day...at least, the days when we actually venture out of our pajamas, but that's a whole 'nother story for a different day.

Around here, there's a rule when it comes to dressing the little fellas; no teddy bears or choo choos allowed!  As tempting as it {never} is, we just don't buy the cute matchy sailor or dinosaur outfits for our boys.  T-shirts or shoes with cartoon characters are out of the question, at least until the boys are old enough to decide for themselves...

...Until then, I like to either buy packages of plain white Hanes tees from Target (so I can bleach the heck outta them later) or browse Etsy for awesome handmade graphic tees and accessories for my guys.  I don't mind spending a few extra dollars when I'm buying directly from the artist, crafter, maker, etc.  Nearly every time, the handmade items I purchase on Etsy are a far better quality than what I'd find at a local department store.  I feel satisfied when a screen-printed tee I picked up {straight from the person who hand screened it} two years ago for my oldest boy, now fits my youngest and looks brand new.

I do respect the opinions of the mommies out there who find the cute characters and fuzzy animals irresistible, and I do know their boys are just as sweet and charming as any Etsy wearing child of mine.  But this is my blog, and I'll do with it as I please.  Hee hee.

Here's a collection of to-die-for boys' Etsy.com finds to prove that frogs and puppies are not the only option when it comes to styling your little man.  Enjoy!

{ shoes & accessories }
clockwise from top left:
striped belt- belties, $15
knitted button loafers- three kittens knitting, $10
elastic toddler belt, playful peanut, $18 for three
lightening bolt shoes- boy girl boy girl design, $28

{ basic tees }
clockwise from top left:
birthday number tee- happy family, $16
military stripe tee- b. childrens' wear, $25
organic recycle design tee- apericots, $14.99
grow baby onesie- culpeper general, $75 for set of twelve
 { jackets & cardigans }
left: elbow patch cardigan- b. childrens' wear, $30
right: unisex peacoat- little star clothing, $90

{ you can never have too many tees! }
clockwise from top left:
tattoo onesie- mama monkey, $12
grey stripes organic v neck- jessalin beutler, $26
top gun aviator onesie- ovelo, $15.99
dad tattoo tee- wren willow, $22

Let me know what you think of my boys' finds.  I'd love to hear about it if you make a purchase based on what you see!  'Til next time...I've got clothes to fold!

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