February 8, 2011

A Fundraiser for Danielle

I'm from a small town, one hour out of Seattle, where the view is as beautiful as the hearts of the people who live here.  There are plenty of green fields, wildlife, and friendly neighbors. 

Enumclaw is the kind of town where everyone knows one another, and when word spreads that someone is in need, the whole community pulls together to help in every way possible.  This is something I took for granted until recently.  Growing up in a small town, I always longed for city lights.  Now that I'm older, I've realized the city has a lot to offer, but you'll never truly take care of your neighbor like you do in a close-knit town like this.

In October of last year, a former Enumclaw classmate of mine, Danielle, suffered a major stroke and has since been recovering in a hospital in Oregon.  It's been years since I've seen her, but when I think back what I remember first about Danielle is her magnetic smile.  She's the kind of person I admired in school because she was always cheery, friendly, and I'm still positive she's as nice as the day I met her.

{Photo from Danielle's Facebook page.}

It has been several months, and Danielle continues to have full support from everyone who has ever known her, even many she's never met.  She has a twin sister, a supportive boyfriend, lots of family, and a group of the tightest-knit friends a girl could ever ask for, all who have been by her side since day one.  There are hundreds of others, like myself, who follow her Facebook page regularly, awaiting updates from her friends and family.  It seems like every day we're reading about how Danielle has accomplished something new, whether it was wiggling a toe, pushing into a kiss from her boyfriend, or mouthing the words "I love you" to a friend.

There has been a generous group of people who have set up fundraisers of all kinds to help Danielle's family with her recovery.  The support for Danielle by everyone involved has brought our little community even closer than before.   

 I wanted to do my part to help.  I've decided to offer the "Danielle" dress in my Etsy shop.  With help from one of Danielle's closest friends, the perfect fabric was chosen for the "Danielle" dresses.  It is bright, happy, and pretty, just like she is.  Another one of Danielle's close friends, Andrea, photographed the dress in these pictures and added her own personal touch by including the pink cowboy boots.  "Danielle rocks cowboy boots!" is what she told me. 

Love it!

"Danielle" dresses will be sold for $25.00 each.  Twenty dollars from each sale will go directly to the Danielle Elliott Family Fund, and the remaining five dollars will go towards materials to make more "Danielle" dresses.

As long as Danielle supporters are purchasing these dresses, I will continue to make them and donate the profits to her family fund.  If we use this fabric until I can't find more, we'll choose something new!

The "Danielle" dresses are a pinafore style with a pretty scalloped edge, and either off-white or brown trim along the edges.  The dress crosses in the back in a way that requires no buttons or other closure, and is a simple but perfect piece for all little girls. 

"Danielle" dresses are available in sizes: 12m, 18m, 2t, 3/4t, 5/6, and 7/8.  Little guy ties in this fabric are also available to Danielle supporters with young boys.

I'm hoping, together with everyone Danielle's story has touched, we are able to make this fundraiser a successful one, boost her spirits, and remind ourselves how important it is to take care of those around us.  Danielle's strength through this all has been a true inspiration.  She deserves every wonderful thing that has come and is coming her way. 

Thank you for your support!

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