September 30, 2011

Fave Finds Friday #6 and a mini-vacation

I'm basing today's Fave Finds Friday post on my upcoming vacation to Trout Creek, Montana.  

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I heard they're still enjoying summer-y weather in Trout Creek, which is much more than I can say for our three-week-long Seattle summer season.  { Yes, I am one of those disgruntled Seattlites who complains about the weather but is too lazy to pack up and move to a different climate. }

  Sun, warmth, cookouts, family and beautiful scenery equals perfection, if you ask me.  My mom, two boys, and I are leaving the man-of-the-house behind to fend for himself for the week.  For anyone feeling sorry for the guy...He'll be fine.  I'm sure of it.

As far as Fave Finds goes, I've been really into wall art and prints using creative wording, and found this awesome print from Etsy shop, Banda Prints:

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Here's a closer look of the Montana silhouette print,

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 I love how the cities are carefully placed and the font is just large enough to squeeze in among neighboring towns.  Banda Prints offers customization, too.  I know I'll want my hometown listed among the others on the map when I order my Washington State silhouette!

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I think these prints qualify as subway art.  Don't they?  And we all know how much I've been lovin' some subway art!

What's your favorite place to take a mini-vacation within a day's driving distance from your home?

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  1. i love this print! this would be a fun gift to give my hubby!
    great find!