September 20, 2011

Etsy Love: Krystledawne Fine Lace Jewelry

I'm excited about today's Etsy Love post for a few reasons.  The first thing that comes to mind is that I met Krystle, the mastermind behind Krystledawne Fine Lace Jewelry, a few years ago at my very first local craft show.  We were both vendors there and I was drawn to her craft of tatting right away.  After some conversation, I learned that tatting is a very old form of lace making.  She sat next to me and we chatted about owning Etsy shops.  She also filled me in on some craft show tips, working on a lovely new tatted piece the whole time.  

{ say Hi to Krystle, everyone!  photo via Krystledawne on Etsy }

Ever since I met Krystle that day, I found myself back at her Etsy shop, browsing, coveting, and maybe borderline-obsessing over her creations.  I knew I needed a Krystledawne piece but had a hard time choosing just one.

I really loved the Spanish Dancer earrings from day one.  In the time since I first started frequenting her Etsy shop, I've seen her offer these earrings in almost any color you can think of.  

{ photo via Krystledawne on Etsy }
Fun facts: 
Krystle hand dyes lots of her own thread to make gorgeous and unique color combinations.  
She has a fun blog where you can read about all her adventures in tatting, even a bit about her thread-dying alter ego, Dr. Von Threadmore!  
She makes beautiful jewelry in classic color combinations, but has also shown that she knows how to keep up with trends when she offers pieces like earrings and tatted flower bobby pins in hot-right-now colors like mustard:

{ photos via Krystledawne on Etsy }

or one of my very favorites, a bracelet in coral and aqua:

{ photo via Krystledawne on Etsy }

Krystle's creativity doesn't stop at earrings, hair pins, bracelets and hand-dyed thread.  She also offers incredible tatted rings, beaded & tatted necklaces, gift sets, and even tatting patterns for all you crafty types.

Okay, back to me.  We can't possibly have an Etsy Love post without me raving about my very own purchase!  When I found these little beauties I knew they had to be mine.

{ photo via Krystledawne on Etsy }
The petite flowers earring in navy blue were right up my alley and incredibly affordably priced.  

I just happened to be browsing my Facebook feed at the very second she posted about them being new to her shop.  I scooped them up in a matter of half-a-minute, and she shipped them to me right away.  They came in a simple, pretty like box that was ideal for gifting, which was perfect because I happened to be gifting myself the day I ordered them!

I enjoy wearing my Krystledawne earrings with dresses as much as I love wearing them with boots and a t-shirt.  I get compliments on them everywhere I go because the craftswomanship is beyond amazing.  The colors and design are excellent.  These won't be my last Krystledawne purchase.

Krystledawne is just what the handmade community needed.  Professional, quality, original, affordable, products with a talented, friendly, business-savvy woman standing behind them.

Thanks Krystle!  


  1. I love how unique these are! I've never seen anything like them.

    Your navy blue ones are gorgeous. I'm really looking for navy blue stuff right now!

  2. I love reading your posts! I know NOTHING about fashion or that mustard color things are the 'in' thing! I've learned something and it's not even the end of the night! You rock!