August 16, 2011

A Quick Fix

I've been admiring all the shirt dresses I've seen around lately.  They seem like such classic wardrobe pieces that never go out of style.  While browsing clearance racks at wal-mart for some super cheap t-shirts to refashion into summertime cardigans { tutorial here }, I came across a not-so-lovely shirt dress for just $14.  It had potential, though.  I loved the white-with-black-ticking fabric and thought it would be fun to add bright colored accessories to, like aqua belts and red necklaces.  

Of course, my two little 'uns were in tow so I didn't dare make a stop at the dressing room to try it on first.  I mean, seriously?  Me attempting to try on clothes in a dressing room with those handsome little devils is just asking for disaster.  Mostly, they like to mischievously open the dressing room door as I have one leg in and one leg out of a sweet pair of pants, hopping on one foot, desperately trying to shut the door before anyone has the misfortune of catching a glimpse.

After getting my steal-of-a-deal shirt dress home, I happily tried it on in the privacy of my own bedroom...only to find out that is was horribly hideous.  Just all wrong in every way.  So I made some adjustments.  Here is the before & after:

What do you think?  Wear it again or chalk it up as a loss?


  1. I'm pretty much jealous of anyone who is capable of taking something that's blah and turning it into something fabulous. Which basically means I'm jealous of you. ;) But seriously, this is adorable! Also, I love your boots!

  2. You did a great job, Jamie! As you say, I bet this dress will be super cute with some bright accessories, and you've already proven how cool it looks with neutral ones too. Bravo!! :-)

  3. It looks super cute now. Keep!

  4. I think you did a great job, and it turned out cute! Love those boots.

    I am so with you on using public changing rooms. It's a laughable proposition with two boys in tow. Did you know in Ross, they don't let you take your shopping cart in? There's just no way to corral the kiddos. So I rarely shop there anymore. :(

    Good job making it work for you!

  5. Thanks for warning me, Mandi! I'll steer clear from there. =) And thanks for the input, everyone! I'll wear it again for sure.

  6. Thank you for your sweet comment!!

    I'm so impressed with this alteration- can't wait to snoop around the rest of your blog!!

    Good luck with today's!!

  7. you did an awesome job!! i love how the littlest changes can make it look completely different! i also love how you paired it with a belt and boots :) it looks super cute on you now!