August 4, 2011

Fave Finds Friday: make believe

Confession:  My kids are driving me nuts!

I've desperately been trying to come up with new and exciting ways to entertain my two lovely boys before I buy a one-way trip to somewhere warm.  And sandy.  With plenty of frosty, umbrella-clad drinks.  Ahhh, a girl can dream, right?

For the last, oh, year and a half I've been in the process of making one of those felt card table playhouses for the boys similar to this one.  I'm hoping to finish it before autumn sets in here in the Pacific Northwest and my boys start spending a lot more time indoors.  Which means I better get on it! 

To go along with the felt card table playhouse, I thought it'd be fun to have an entire trunk full of pretend-play costumes and clothes for my boys to use any way their little imaginations please.  Of course I searched Etsy first, and you'll see my awesome, fun finds below.  Click on the name of the item to go directly to it's shop.

knight's armor
dino tail
treasure map
incognito beard mask
felt chainsaw
reversible vests
viking hat
felt crowns
felt baking set pattern
Fun, right?!  I'd totally rather my boys spend time make-believing and being imaginative than watching Sponge Bob reruns, and I think a pretend-play trunk will be just the thing to get those creative juices running!

Oh!  And while we're talking about make-believe, check out this awesome teepee I made for a customer recently:

I'm super proud of this one, and my kids are dying for a teepee of their own.  Spoiler Alert:  I'm scheduled to give one of these bad boys away to a lucky reader of one of my favorite blogs in September.  Keep checking back for the details.  I'll reveal where you can go to enter just as soon as it's official!

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