August 23, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day Nine

I'm participating in the 21 Day Challenge at Freckles in April.  To read more about the challenge, or even join in on the fun, click on the orange Challenge button on the side bar.

Today is day nine of The Challenge and I'm completely loving this.  I'm so inspired by the lovely ladies who are also participating, and have had a blast making new friends along the way!

The prompt for today is "Monochrome".  Dressing in all one color is pretty much my thing.  For the last two years or so, I've worn mostly black or grey.  

I feel like I should have accessorized more, and worn flats instead of flip flops.  But my favorite black flats were being held hostage in the bedroom of a napping baby when I took this photo.  We all know: never wake a sleeping baby!  Especially mine.


  1. Good call on the sleeping baby! That belt looks awesome on you!

  2. I like this dress a lot! The pattern is really cute, and I like the way you used the belt and cardi on top. Brilliant!

  3. I love the belt! I need to go thrifting and pick me up some more belt.

  4. You NEVER wake a sleeping baby...EVER, NEVER!! That is my cardinal rule!! Good for you! I do love your can you go wrong with a color that helps flatter and hides things right? I'm a big fan of black!

  5. love it! you're workin it in that shot too :) hot mama!!