June 2, 2011

Inspiring Workspaces

My mind is like a cluttered filing cabinet of appointments and dates to remember.  I don't own an actual calendar...why would I, when it would just be buried under an embarrassing mountain of paper.  A mountain of paper that I keep hidden away inside the concealing doors of my computer armoire, and the public (even my closest friends and family) will never be allowed to see.  Often times, I find myself having to think long and hard in order to figure out what month it is.  And although I've never forgotten either of my two boys' names or left them behind at the grocery store on accident, I know it's bound to happen. 

I'm not revealing this secret of my unorganization to scare away potential clients. People who know me personally know I pull sewing all-nighters, if necessary, to deliver a product that exceeds expectations, not to mention, on time, every time.  "On time, Every time."  That's my motto.  No, really it's not.  But you get the idea. 

I run my beloved LilyBaby business from behind our couch, in our tiny living room of our ultra-tiny house.  My family is so loving, patient and supportive of me doing something I love, that they don't say a word about the crib bumpers and size 3T dresses piled on the couch, forcing them to watch the evening news from the floor.  I dream about someday having an entire room (hey, I'd even take a good sized closet) dedicated to my workspace.  I tell myself that a larger workspace will naturally bring out my organization trait that has been non-existent in me, at least in this lifetime.

The man-of-the-house and I are THISCLOSE to purchasing our first very own home.  It is very exciting for obvious reasons, but probably most of all, I'm thrilled about the idea of being able to create a work area that inspires creativity and is packed with beauty and charm.  I'm telling you, if I could purge my mind of the decorating ideas I have for my dream work room I just might have enough room in my brain to remember that yes, in fact my name is Jamie and today is Thursday...Isn't it?

So.  Until I have the opportunity to rid my brain of the workspace thoughts that are pushing all the real important stuff to the back of my mind, I'm going to share with you some creative spaces that inspire me. 

What inspires you???

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