November 26, 2010

Hi there, and welcome!

We're coming up on the one year anniversary of the debut of my business and the grand opening of my Etsy shop, both named, "LilyBaby Creations".  There's no better time than now to begin a LilyBaby blog!

The last ten months have been a wonderful, exciting ride for me.  Not only has becoming an official "business owner"  been a learning experience, I feel as if I've grown as a person.  I've always been the employee, and not until opening my business did I fully appreciate the concept of customer service.  Nor did I see the true importance of offering a high quality product. 

LilyBaby came to be after I acquired a sewing machine years ago from my uncle who owns a sewing and vacuum shop in a nearby town.  I began sewing simple patterns, such as my Lily dress, which is known in many circles as the "pillowcase dress".  I gave the Lily dresses to friends as gifts for baby showers and first birthdays.  The dresses were a hit, and I was asked to make them custom on occasion. 

I had heard of in the past on many occasions and after some research, decided to set up shop.  For those of you who don't know, is a wonderful online marketplace for anything and everything handmade.  Vintage, too!  After following Etsy's simple instructions on how to get my shop in working order, I was up and running in no time.

Since then, I have been absolutely thrilled and honored to have people from all over the country and Canada order from me.  I love being able to tell my friends and family that I "just got an order from a lady in South Carolina!" or "Nashville!"  For Pete's sake, I even get excited when I am shipping something to the next town. 

Knowing firsthand the love, sweat, and happy tears that go into running my very own Etsy shop, I'm buying more quality, handmade goods instead of running to my nearest department store.  There's something so special about purchasing directly from the artist, to be able to have anything I can think of custom made. 

On occasion, I'll be featuring Etsy shops I admire on this blog so I can share their creations with you.  I'll be sure to post reviews and photos of everything handmade that enters my home, in hopes of sparking interest in those of you who haven't yet discovered the wonders of a handmade gift.

Again, welcome.  And happy reading!

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