November 27, 2010

Black Friday 2010

Was this you this morning?

Black holiday shopping will always be something I just don't understand.  Waking up early is my enemy, for one.  Two, standing in lines is not my thing.  Furthermore, I'm a browser.  I'm not a map-out-my-shopping-route-six-weeks-in-advance-so-I-can-save-ninety-percent-on-socks kinda gal.  Plus, you just can't buy heirloom quality products in big box stores.

If I would have began this blog one day sooner, you might have stayed in your warm, cozy bed this morning for a few extra hours.  Did you know, lots of Etsy shops are offering Black Friday deals?  Have you ever heard about "Cyber Monday"?  I wasn't aware of any of this until I became a proud owner of an Etsy shop.  Just browse through a few listings on Etsy and you're sure to find Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals within minutes.  Or even seconds! 

In my Etsy shop, I'm offering 15% off to my blog readers and Facebook fans now through Monday when you enter blackfriday2010 as a coupon code during checkout!  If you would have known that this morning, you could have done your Black Friday shopping like this smart lady:

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