August 9, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday #5

Hello, hello!

This is my fifth week participating in What I Wore Wednesday, Steppin' Out Saturday, and Real Momma. Real Style.  I have to say...although I still do spend about half my days in yoga pants and a tank, the other half of the week is now spent in real clothes.  Can you believe it?!  It's hard for me to fathom that something as simple as an online link-up party has pushed me to be a better version of myself in just five weeks, but it has!  Do I sound like an infomercial?  I should!  All the women involved are inspirational.  Many are women much like myself, and all have their own reason to join the party.  

Enough of the mushy stuff.  Let's get down to business!

 sunglasses- Old Navy
pink chandelier tee- cantaloupe corner { an excellent Etsy shop featuring ink-free shirts for the whole family } 
 p.s. please excuse the obnoxiously up-close boob shot.  I was trying to make the ink-free design easy to see!
denim shorts- Nordstrom
hair tie holding my shorts closed- walgreens

Just bein' real.

This is the t-shirt refashioned into a cardigan I made in this post.  I love it so much, I made seven more!
white tube top- ARMOMMY
skinny jeans- Target
riding boots- outlet mall in Oregon  { buy one pair get TWO free sale, what what! }
right-hand ring- gifted
necklace- classic designs by teresa mink, etsy shop
The ARMOMY tube top is actually so much more than a regular old tube top.  It is meant to be worn during pregnancy like a belly band under your shirts to add length and modesty for those times you can't quite button your regular jeans.  I loved it postpartum.  I wore it under shirts and just below my bra, so I could just pull my t-shirt up to breastfeed without all my love-handly baby belly glory hanging out for all to see.

This last one is a doozy.  Doozie?  Anyways...
This was one of my tank & yoga pants days.  Sans makeup.  Sans a hair washing.  Eek!  I pulled a sewing all-nighter to keep up with my Etsy shop orders, which is to blame for the lazy eye.  It shows itself when I'm sleepy.  Although, it is a characteristic I handed down to my youngest son, so I've embraced the thing a whole lot more.  He's so darn cute when he's tired and one eye just droops a little.  Just like his Momma.  Awww!  Moving on.

Chandelier tank { I must have been in a chandelier mood this week! }- ellembee, Etsy shop
black swim suit top- walmart
black cropped yoga pants- old navy

See?  Only five weeks in and I'm already posting unshowered, no makeup photos of myself.  Wait a that a bad thing?

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  1. Love the 2nd outfit, but the shirt & tank are so cute!

  2. It is kind of unfair that you look so cute sans make up and washed hair...

    I LOVE those chandelier tops. They are so much fun! And I have been waiting to see how the t-shirt cardigan looks on... and I love it!

  3. Thank you! Isn't that t-shirt cardigan great? I'm sure I'll be stocking up on clearance t-shirts from now on just for this project. I'm glad you like it. =)

  4. Wow, I cant believe you refashioned a t-shirt into a cardigan! Looks great on you and those boots look so good. I'd look like death itself if I was up all night and you don't look bad at all (I wouldn't have been able to tell you were up all night).

  5. love the shirt you repurposed to a cardigan! girl you got skills.