July 27, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday #3

I've been totally slacking in the WIWW photo department!  In the last two weeks, I successfully dressed myself in something other than yoga pants and a tank twice.  And I was only successful in getting photos of one {and a half} of those outfits!

The first one I made myself.  It's a one-shoulder dress, inspired by the little girls' Claire dress in the Etsy shop.  The dress is made out of jersey knit fabric, and I'm not sure if I should call it blue or purple...somewhere in between.  Maybe periwinkle?  It's not often I have time to make things for myself, so when I actually finish something for me, it's a real treat!

I did find that this dress is just a bit too short to wear in public, so until I have time to hem it into a cute top I'll probably just wear it around the house.  It's so soft and cozy, though.  I just love it!

The second outfit I wore was created out of a "I don't have anything to wear" meltdown.  This kind of meltdown paired with scissors spells disaster in most cases, but this time I think it worked!

 If you read yesterday's post, you know I did no housework all day.  That means no clean laundry.  So I put on my last-resort pants, stretchy jeggings from Old Navy.  I have a "thing" about wearing clothes post-partum that I wore while I was pregnant.  It freaks me out.  The green top used to be a halter dress at one point, but I  wore it when I was pregnant with my second son in 2009 and haven't worn it since.  So I cut off the 6" ruffle hem and the halter ties.  I salvaged the ties and used them as a sort of belt.  This kind of jersey material doesn't fray, so sewing wasn't necessary.  I like it!  It's too bad the earrings don't show.  They're fun dangly shell ones from Fuego.  The shoes are about six years old, purchased at Cathy Jean, from a period in my life where I got ALL my fashion inspiration from my best friend, Jessica.  She had the same ones first but with light cork soles.  I had to run out and buy them, only with dark cork soles.  I hope she saw me as a lost fashion soul back then and not an annoying copycat!  Although, I can't blame her if she is a little relieved that I'm finally establishing my own sense of style.  It has taken long enough!  Love you Jess!

Hopefully I'll have more to post next week!  I got my hair cut & colored today, so maybe it'll inspire me to actually get dressed!  Also, my ten year reunion dress arrived today.  It is so cute!

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